Communicative English language skills with multiple literacies, language learning strategies, listening, speaking, reading and writing in multi-cultural communication

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1. To develop students’ English communicative skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing
2. To expose students to foreign cultures required for international communications
3. To enable students to engage effectively and appropriately in international/intercultural communications
with foreigners through a practice of English communication on a variety of topics, e.g., making small
talk, talking about holidays, shopping, making social arrangements, describing job responsibilities,
making offers and suggestions and asking for and giving advice.


a. Students can ask and answer personal questions and make small talk.
b. Students can talk about their favorite choices of communication.
c. Students can greet people and end conversation appropriately.
d. Students can write a short personal e-mail.

a. Students can talk about past holidays.
b. Students can describe difficult journeys.
c. Students can ask for information in public places.

a. Students can talk about experiences of generosity.
b. Students can describe their money spending and saving habits.
c. Students can talk to people in shops.

a. Students can talk about their plans for celebration.
b. Students can plan a day out in a city.
c. Students can make social arrangements.

a. Students can explain about job responsibilities.
b. Students can talk about their future careers.
c. Students can make offers and suggestions.
d. Students can recognize basic structure of an e-mail for job application.

a. Students can give advice on common problems.
b. Students can describe their extreme experiences.
c. Students can ask for and give advice.

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